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Black or leopard fur

Black or leopard fur
Black or leopard fur
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For more comfort and wormt, but also to have a wilder side, this one is made of natural raised rabbit.
These coats give a very chic look, but also, with a wild animal side, barely, domesticated.

Coat in fur of black color.
It is entirely lined for more comfort and softness.
It closes up on the front with a zipper and has a hood and sleeves also in fur.
Also made to measures for a very close to body fit.
To make it even more sexy and also to allow of mischievous caress, a nice
round opening is present at the hip level.
It can be worn standing but especially on all four, to be perfectly pretty.

Time manufacturing and delivery.
4 weeks
2019-12-31 1590.001590.00 EUR