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Bracelet wrist and ankle Papillon

Bracelet wrist and ankle Papillon
Bracelet wrist and ankle Papillon
Reference : 0110
The bracelets are made of two brass rods of 4 mm thick and 2 cm in height. The bars are bent to form an oval for anklets and wrist. The weight of the bracelet is 120g for the size of 15 cm. The thickness of chromium is 0.5 microns. The finishing of these bracelets is that of jewelry. The closure is carried by a threaded rod 2 mm in diameter and 2 cm in length. The screw can be removed with a special screwdriver.
Security For security reasons two screwdrivers are provided. For similar reasons, the bracelet can be opened at the hinges with a flathead screwdriver. But this opening will leave marks as the closure is not expected to serve as a hinge. The metal is thick (4 mm), the bracelet is particularly strong and difficult to deform. Chromium is a hypoallergenic metal. The risk of allergy and eczema, are virtually zero in contrast to silver and steel for example. The chrome and brass do not oxidize this guarantees a high durability. The bracelets are resistant to perspiration, water, care products etc.
The screw is stainless steel so there is no risk that it oxidizes and crashes. The opening is always
possible. A ring is attached to the inside of the arm and ankle, near the close. Its position makes the ring quite discreet. Therefore, the bracelet can be worn at all times if you want.
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