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Collar Papillon

Collar Papillon
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Collar Papillon
Reference : 0100
This slave collar is Solid but also light and rigid. This is a Collar in massive metal of 4 mm in thickness and 2 cm high.
The thickness of the chromium is 0,5 um. The quality of manufacturing and finish of the collars answers the best standards of any jewelery.
The collar opens with a hinge located on the front and closes up in the back with the aid of a tool property of the Master.
A 2.0 cm O ring is fixed at the back of the collar which can turn to position where it is needed.
Its original drawing gives it the appearance of a pretty jewel. But the thickness of the metal and the rigidity of the collar becomes a reality to the neophytes. This object will be a splendid proof of ownership for you, but it will be rather discreet and can be worn in any circumstances.
This collar is made to order and will fit your neck perfectly.
This collar is available in sizes : 13,4 - 14,2
Products available : 6
50.0050.00 EUR