Les Anges Déchues. Accessoires BDSM

Fetish and BDSM accessories of "Anges déchues" from Paris to France

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Creation : Les Anges Dechues
Indeed everything started in 2008 when Mister decided to take me for a dog, and that W/we did not find a necklace likely to be worn permanently while being a real sign of submission.

The first time that I timidly showed Him my drawings, He has appreciate them much. Then friends also told me that these were pretty. At first it has been necessary to look for craftsmen, art lovers to get started in the realization of the first chromed brass necklaces.

Since we manufacture ourselves our 316L steel collars, it's totally allergenic steel

I introduced my Master and I in stores in France and abroad to offer them to provide them with our jewelry.

These jewels you will find them in France in the shop MetamorphOse in Paris. In Belgium at Boutique Minuit in the big gallery in Brussels. These are crafts that have nothing to do with objects from Southeast Asia that flooding the market.

These are rare products.

Since, I realized more and more accessories that allow me to feel even more dog, and I must say that it is very pleasant. Thus were created paws, tails, coats etc. All these items are made with the utmost care in order to be of the best quality. I still have some objects to create, but I miss the time. My imagination wanders and my head is still full of dreams.

My goal is to create all the accessories necessary for the life of a pet.

If you go fetish parties and BDSM Paris or Brussels, we could be lucky to meet. I'm not hard to notice despite my 55 cm high at the withers! And it is with pleasure that we will be able to speak.

We participate in parade to show our creations. You will find below some pictures of our models dressed like petgirl.

Presentation of the animal accessories of Les Anges Déchues at Les Gouters du Divin Marquis (Paris).