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Stainless steel submiss necklace 316L
Our creations are exceptional objects they are entirely handmade from raw steel bars. Their manufacturing methods are those of jewelery, jewelery adapted to the work of a metal as hard as stainless steel. The model you will own will be a unique object that will last for an extremely long time.

Our collars are intended to fulfill two functions. - A decorative function: they have the finish and the aesthetics of real jewels. - A function BDSM they are unambiguous on the status of your subject or your subject who has the honor to wear them. It is real collars of submission in real steel symbol of hardness of robustness and solidity. Whether for a submissive who by proof of love and obedience needs a very strong symbol, a slave slave who must show permanently the proof of his belonging, a animal, a dog that must be held and walked on a leash, our necklaces will meet your needs.

The necklace, screws, rings and cabochons are made of stainless steel. The collar, that always in contact with the skin, is 316L stainless steel, also known as "surgical steel" because it was used in the production of surgical prostheses. This metal is therefore considered totally anallergenic like titanium.

Stainless steel weighs heavy. 2 cm necklace weighs around (it all depends on the size) 350g. If you find less heavy stainless steel collars (and there are many on the market) know that it can not be real steel but rather aluminum alloys as is often the case.

16L stainless steel is also relatively expensive. A 1m raw steel bar alone costs 50 euros.

These collars are maintenance free. Their hardness makes them very resistant to blows and scratches. They are easy to clean with soapy water as well as with all types of detergents as well as degreasers with alcohol-based disinfectants. They are not attacked by sweat or cosmetics. Being stainless they do not color the skin or clothes & nbsp ;: they can be worn 24/24 permanently.

The ring of 2cm on the front can be removed and replaced with a decorative cabochon when discretion is required.

Our necklaces exist in 3 models.

Necklace 1 or 2 cm high with an interchangeable steel ring and a decorative cabochon. These necklaces are available in polished or brushed finish

Necklace 1 or 2 cm high set with 12 crystals with an interchangeable steel ring with a decorative cabochon. These necklaces are available in polished and brushed finish.

1cm diameter ring-shaped necklace with an interchangeable steel ring with a decorative cabochon. Only the polished finish exists.