Les Anges Déchues. Accessoires BDSM

Fetish and BDSM accessories of "Anges déchues" from Paris to France

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Les Anges Déchues
Création de bijoux et d'accessoires fetish et BDSM pour l'univers petplay mais aussi pour toutes personnes soumises, soumis recherchant des objets d'exception.
Jewelry and accessories for fetish and BDSM petplay but also for all persons subject looking for exceptional objects.
Schmuck und accessoires für Fetisch und BDSM Petplay das universum, sondern auch für alle personen, vorbehaltlich der Suche nach außergewöhnlichen objekten.
'' Les Anges Déchues '' can offer you high quality accessories for BDSM:
- Slaves collars, ankles and bracelets in metal for slaves.
- The paws, the tails, and harnesses designed specifically to the universe of petgirls or petboys.
All these accessories are made to give you any satisfaction.
Shipping fees are free throughout the European community, Canada and the USA from 95 euros purchases.
Why a pet life ?
First it is a love story. The love of a pet for her Master. Of a master for his pet. A pet-woman depends closely on her Master because she cannot feed and watch over herself. A pet-woman cannot do the cleaning, washing, and cooking. A pet-woman is not made to live alone. But in return she gives her love and fidelity with total loyalty.
She will always be near HIM, whatever happens. Love makes her accept everything from her Master. Because of the great and beautiful responsibility, being a Dom or a Master is not given to everybody. Because of the total renunciation of herself it's not for everybody to become a pet-woman. A long education and a strict dressage punctuated with caresses and punishments But what is better for a Master then to have this fragile woman so dependent on HIM, so unhappy without HIM. What's more marvelous for a pet-woman than to have her Master, who assumes all, thinks of everything and manages everything for her? The Relation D/s (Master/ sub) is at first a beautiful love story and a very close and private relation between a man and his sub, his bitch, his baby, his love. Thats why the life of a pet-woman must have a place in BDSM. Everything on this site is going to allow you to fully live your condition, to take your position entirely, every moment of your life or when you desire.
This website has been designed to help you find all the accessories needed to petgirls, ponygirl or to all persons subject, submissive, Mistresses, Masters who are looking for high quality BDSM accessories whether it be collars and metal bracelets, coats, paws or tails.