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Leopard plug tail small

Leopard plug tail small
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Leopard plug tail small
Reference : 0321
The tails consist of an internal silicone skeleton giving flexibility and mobility similar to a real animal tail. The length of the tail is 55 cm. The leopard furs used are of the highest quality.
Those plug are polished metal. They exist in 3 sizes S, M, L. All our plug are interchangeable with all our tails.
So you can change your tail later by another (sold alone) or you can change plug by another one(sold alone only).

When the tail becomes bulky or not necessary the plug can be worn alone. A decorative cabochon in solid bronze 1 cm thick made entirely by hand can be fixed in place of the tail. This cabochon comes with all plug.

To protect them, the tails are provided in a beautiful hard case 67 cm long.
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