Les Anges Déchues. Accessoires BDSM

Fetish and BDSM accessories of "Anges déchues" from Paris to France

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To be truly like a dog we made these back legs that will really give you the appearance of a beautiful animal. Elastic they slip on the knee through the foot. They are composed of 42% cotton, 43% polyamide, 10% and 5% elastodiene d'elastane. They feature an opening to allow to the back of the knees to bend easily. At the front, they have a padding that can absorb shocks and bumps in the ground. They can be worn for long hours. Outside, the pads are placed in padded leather color clear whose shape is similar to a real dog leg. There is a left leg and a right leg. W/we deliver legs with their knee-highs, according to photos
Sizes: There are 4 sizes.
These correspond to the round ball on knee straight leg.
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