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Steel collar. Classic model 0.3937 inche

Steel collar. Classic model 0.3937 inche
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Steel collar. Classic model 0.3937 inche
Reference : 0201
Stainless steel collar. Classical model.
A Slave collar in stainless steel and 0.1968inches thick.
These collars are objects of exceptional quality.
They are made entirely by hand by the best craftsmen.
The 316L stainless steel is fully hypoallergenic.
These collars are made of two steel bars that are laser cut. The bars are curved and perfectly adjusted. This collar is made of a stainless steel strip 0.3937inches in height and 0.1968inches thick! This model is a strip of metal whose height is constant (0.3937inches), which gives it a particularly robust.
It is perfectly rigid.
The corners were rounded and polished carefully in order not to damage the skin.
The collar closes on the side by a screw system. Two keys are provided for the closure.
The nature of the metal, the metal thickness and the presence of the ring shows unambiguously that this is a collar of submission.
The ring 0.7874inches is necklace can be worn continuously, but it is sufficient strong to be worn at meetings of BDSM.
Deadline for the manufacture and delivery: 72 hours.
Other sizes than those listed: On request and at no extra cost.
325.00325.00 EUR